Creating Lifestyles, One Project at a Time.

Richmond-Based Firm specializing in Historic Preservation of Residential and Commercial Development projects with particular emphasis on the Underserved Urban Market.

Drive Organizational Growth

Dixon Lee Development Group has developed the Digital Management Consulting Platform (DMCP), a scalable and subscription-based solution called the Digital Innovation Workspace (DIW). With our DIW subscription model, we provide cloud brokerage services to small businesses.


Our expert consultants provides guidance to organizations to enhance their capacity to develop strong leaders within their workforce. We work closely with managers and senior executives to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of their organization, identify training needs, recommend best practices, and create strategies to improve talent across the organization.

Project Management

Our team of highly skilled professionals utilizes the Critical Path Method to effectively plan and manage projects. We analyze schedules, identify dependencies, and prioritize tasks to create a detailed and comprehensive plan. Our plan outlines specific strategies, plans, and actions that are necessary for the successful deployment of the project.

Community of Brands

Through our Digital Management Consulting Platform (DMCP) and Community of Brands, we help small business owners expand their networks and scale their businesses into new markets. By leveraging our expertise and leveraging the power of
technology, we empower small businesses to grow and succeed in today's
competitive landscape.


Capital Station Inc.

Capital Station is where meaningful relationships are built, new ventures are formed, and the future of business takes shape. Our membership-driven hub is where industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries connect, create, and transform ideas into reality.

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